2 Motorbikin' 2: Give it Both Barrels



Join the Motorbikin team for 8 great adventures from the rainforest of Tasmania to the deserts of the outback. Over 4 hours run time!

- Wild Rivers
The Motorbikin team tackle the wild rivers of northern NSW at the height of flood.

-National Trail
Craig Hartley joins the Motorbikin Team as they roost the National Trail up the east coast of Queensland.

- Flooded Birdsville
Phil and The Gav spend some quality time in a one man tent when they are stranded by floodwaters on route to Birdsville.

- Shakedown
Phil and Bill head west on their SE's in preparation for their coast to coast run.

- Super Enduro
Phil and Bill burn rubber in a tyre smoking shot at TK's coast to coast record via the Simpson.

- Hardcore Tassie Posties
47 Hardcore Postie Riders and a beer drinking pig take on Tasmania to raise funds for multiple schlerosis and sink a lot of Boags in the process.

- Yaraka
Phil Bill and the gang head west for all sorts of shenanigans at an outback motorcycle gymkahna.

-Wild Wild West
Four bikes and 3 days on a windswept adventure up the Wild West Coast of Tasmania.


*The Swear Button -  When played normally the swearing on Motorbikin' 2 has been edited out so it is safe for little ears. If you want to hear the swearing (there is not that much anyway) press the "AUDIO" button on your remote.