The Bikes

We rack up some pretty big k's, and that means we go through a few bikes. When we get a new one we like to set them up well for long distance work.

Our first DR from Motorbikin' 1 was originally set up to do the Canning which involved 800 km hops in deep sand. This was before the advent of Safari tanks and we fitted it with 17 litre rear pods hand built from irrigation pipe along with a 20 litre IMS tank up front.

We made leather bags to carry 2 x 3 litre water bottles on the fuel tank and used pvc stormwater pipe to carry tinned food. Another 2 x 5 litre jerries were strapped on for extra range.

Vince Strang fitted it with an Eibach shock and heavy race tech springs up front as well as a B&B bashplate, Barkbusters and VSM grip heaters. 

A Staintune pipe gave it just a bit more punch. 

Before that, we simply rode DRs stock with just an IMS tank, Barkies and a bashplate.

Saddlebags were thrown over and zip tied to the pillion pegs and gear was tied to the rear guard... times have changed eh.

The invention of the 30 litre Safari Tank gave the DR a massive fuel range and there wasn't the need to carry so much fuel on the back.

Our next DR was built by Robin at Safari Tanks with a 30 litre main tank and 2x10 litre water tanks underneath.

A small screen deflected wind off the rider and some rear pannier mounts kept the luggage secure.

This bike had a huge range and could carry enough fuel and water to head into the desert for days on end.

Once again it was set up with stainetune, barkbusters, bashplate, grip heaters and heavy springs.

We also spent some time on a smoking KTM 625.

We set it up with Barkbusters, 27 litre Safari Tank, Dalby Moto pannier frames, plastic Bashplate, bar risers and KTM rear rack:

Then we moved onto the 950 Super Enduro...

We'd never even considered the KTM 950 Super Enduro as an adventure mount until Craig Hartley loaned us his brother Tony's SE for a run out to the Yaraka Gymkahna in Central QLD.

We fell deeply in love with the 100 hp v twin and its ability to cover huge distances effortlessly. The only thing it was missing was a serious fuel range.

When Safari Tanks announced the release of a new 30 litre tank for the SE, me and Tugger rang Dalby Moto and ordered a pair:

They don't get any newer than this:

The Acropovics went on first before Tugger took them back to his place for some serious adventure mods.

We set them up with twin headlights, 30 litre Safari Tanks, 2 20 litre rear pods plumbed into the suction line for a 70 litre fuel capacity and then we desert tested them.

We decided to have a shot at the coast to coast record of 4 and a half days from Byron Bay to Steep Point WA:

After a couple of hard riding seasons and over 50,000 k's the SE's had served us well but were ready to be put out to pasture and lead a quiet life.

At the start of 2010 we looked around for some new bikes to take on the big year of riding we have planned.  After looking at all the options available, we settled on an old favourite:

We picked up our new DR's from Vince Strang at Inverell.  Nobody knows DR's better than Vince, he set up our suspension ready for the desert.  Forks and rear shock fully rebuilt with new internals, ready for the big loads we'll be carrying.

Vince has a special DR section of his website, check it out, it's awesome:

We began setting them up for a big year in 2010. VPS Barkbusters, B&B bashplate and frameguards were the first things to go on.

Still got a lot of work to do, next stop Safari Tanks for some big tanks and rear racks...

Then we took them straight out into the high country for a blat and to recce the postie route for 2010.