Hardcore Posties

The Hardcore Posties are in their 5th year now and going strong.

It all started 5 years ago when Phil and the Wellsteed brothers rode Coast to Coast from Byron Bay to Steep Point WA To raise funds for the RFDS after a dare from Tony Kirby of Sidetrack Magazine.

The fellas pulled it off in 12 and a half days and raised around 14 grand for the RFDS

The next year, they threw the doors open to other riders and around 30 posties rode from Birdsville to Alice Springs via the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks, Dalhousie Hot Springs and the Finke Track, hospitalizing around a third of the field with broken bones in the process.

And it was called Hardcore Desert Storming Posties.

Raised $86,000 2nd year for RFDS.

Third years run was codenamed Hardcore Nullarbor Posties and was an epic adventure from Glendambo in South Australia, accross country to the nullarbor Roadhouse at the head of the Bite. From there, we followed the coastline to Israelite bay and on toPerth raising almost 28 grand for the rfds.

The fourth years run was codenamed hardcore tassie posties and we headed out of the desert and accross the tasman to raise funds for Multiple Schlerosis. Tassie has an extremely high rate of MS and we managed to raise around 16 grand for them and drank a lot of Boags in the process with almost 50 riders hammering their posties around the apple isle.

The fifth year saw us back in the desert again, once again raising funds for the rfds as we rode from Tibooburra in far western nsw to the flooded shores of Lake eyre with around 30 riders raising around 16 grand for the rfds.

Hardcore Posties is all about fun and good times and if we happen to raise some money for a good cause in the process, then thats a bonus too!