Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't have a Paypal account, can I pay with a credit card?

A. YES! Select 'pay with paypal' in the ordering section of our online store and then when the paypal site comes up click the "continue" link, it is on the left hand side of the page. It will say something like:

Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue

This way your credit card payment goes through the fully secure and private paypal website, which is linked to our paypal account, we never see any credit card details.


Q. What the blazes is this Paypal thing? And Direct Deposit sounds like it hurts real bad.  How else can I pay?

A. Send us a cheque, make it payable to Motorbikin Pty Ltd and write us a letter telling us what you're after. We like letters. They make us happy.


Q. What format are your DVDs?

A. Our DVD's are Standard Definition (SD) PAL DVD's which are region free.   NOTE: They will play in any PAL DVD player (which we have here in Australia) or multi-format DVD players, but they won't play in NTSC only dvd players (which are the most common in the USA).  But they will play in all computers, even in the USA.


Q. Do we ship overseas?

A. Yes


Q. I have had a problem with my DVD.
If you have any problems with any of our DVD's, email us at and we will replace it free of charge.  We choose to get them made here in Australia, not overseas.  It costs more, but we like them to be 100% Australian Made.


Q. How much swearing is there?

A. MB1 has a one scene with swearing (f-words) and a whipping-of-half-naked-fat-gingers-scene.
MB2 has the swearing edited out, press the audio button on the remote once to bring it back in.
MB3 has the occasional f-word smattered throughout (probably less than 10 in 3 hours).
MB Coast to Coast - Bill lets fly with a few choice words here and there in the heat of the moment.
MB4 yeah a few cusses here and there.
MB5 a few in here as well. We try not to but sometimes they just slip out eh.


Q. Where's my order?

A. We ship out the DVD's every day as soon as we get the orders. We use Australia Post for our deliveries, they are very good but very occasionally some DVD's take a while to get to their destination.  If an order has taken a long time to get to you, let us know and we'll sort it out.


Q. Are you on Facebook?

A. Why yes we are, join us now, click on the link below!



Q. Where do you post the DVD's from?

A. All the DVD's are mailed from Phil's farm on the Sunshine Coast.  Phil does all the wrapping and addressing and mailing. He loves licking the stamps. It makes him happy.


Q. Where can I read more about Motorbikin'?

A. Check out the ADV rider website thread on Motorbikin 3 and Motorbikin 2.


Q. Who pays for all your bikes and trips?

A. We do ourselves. We are completely self funded and independent.


Q. Do you take support vehicles on your trips?

A. The rides we do are unsupported, we never have a support vehicle. We carry all the camera gear on the bikes and film everything ourselves. Our only rides that have support vehicles are the Hardcore Postie trips. Someone has to carry the broken bodies, dead bikes, fireworks, grog etc etc...


Q. I want to ask you something and it's not on here:

A. Contact us, check out the contacts page for details.