About Us

As a full time Dairyfarmer, I've been riding bikes and writing stories for adventure mags for years, but I'd never even considered branching into DVD production until I met Marc Smith: cameraman and editor.

The idea for the Motorbikin Adventure Riding DVD series was born in Marc's head in an Ambulance stretcher at the Royal Alice Springs Hospital.

Marc, Stateline Reporter, Matt Wordsworth and half a dozen Hardcore Postie riders lay wounded and heavily sedated with pain killers after a horror run of crashes on the Finke track hospitalized almost a quarter of the field.

"That was awesome" Marc murmured in a morphine induced haze reflecting on the previous 4 days of desert adventure riding. "We gotta make a DVD!"

Over the next twelve months, I teamed up with Marc to film another 4 adventure rides on a shoe string budget from outback Queensland to the Nullarbor Plain. We bought a cheap handycam on credit and threw it and a bunch of tapes in our backpacks.

All our rides were unsupported, we carried all our camera gear on our backs, our tyres were always bald and our wallets were always empty.

When it came time to edit the footage, Marc did it on an old lap top, while I sent a truckload of cows off to the meat works for blood money to pay the replication costs and Motorbikin 1 was released in time for Christmas 07.

It covered a 3 state desert blast, The Carnarvons of Western Queensland, Hardcore Nullarbor Posties, and the Granite Belt of NSW.

We made enough from the sales to buy a Mac and a professional editing program as well as our own compact HD camera.

In 2008, we expanded the Motorbikin team to take in Tugboat Bill, The Gav and a ragtag bunch of followers as we filmed a series of 7 adventure rides from Cape York to Birdsville to the rainforests of Tasmania.

Marc burnt the midnight oil editing almost 4 hours of finished footage but when it came time to replicate, we were broke again.

We managed to raise the funds through pre orders from inmates on the ADV Rider Forum (thanks guys and gals!) and Motorbikin 2 was released two days before Christmas by the hairs on its chicken skin!

While Motorbikin has been completely self funded as an independent production, Tom at Trailbike Adventure Magazine has also helped out by running our stories in print and all stories we run in Tbam will eventually end up in Motorbikin.

Motorbikin' 3 has just come out, and we have already started filming for Motorbikin' 4.

So that's the story behind Motorbikin Adventure Riding DVD. Its rough and sometimes gritty but its fair dinkum, unrehearsed and filmed as it happens. except maybe the nude whipping scene, and the GPS in the underpants scene, and the roadkill fish scene. But the stunt turtle was for real!