7 Motorbikin' 7: Around Oz, Fingers Crossed

Melbourne to Queensland

Motorbikin' 7 is here and with over 3 hours running time, your gunna need to strap an airhawk to your couch to watch it in one go!

Featuring the first legs of our lap around Oz, starting with:

Melbourne to Jindabyne
Phil teams up with the teetotalling Robin Box from Safari Tanks to form the original odd couple as they take on the Victorian High Country from Melbourne to Jindabyne.

Jindabyne to Coffs Harbour
The Motorbikin' Team enlists some local knowledge from the ADV rider website to blast the ultimate offroad destinations between Jindabyne and Coffs Harbour including The Gardens of Stone, The Bridle Trail and much more.

Coffs Harbour to the Sunny Coast
The Motorbikin' Gang get drowned and dewatered in this water soaked run from Coffs to QLD.

The Farmer from Banana
Nothing goes to plan on this ride north from the Sunny Coast to the Farmer from Banana.

Survival with Big Cox
Our Hardened survival expert, Big Cox will teach you everything you need to survive in an extreme survival situation.

Hardcore Coast to Coast Posties
A no holds barred race across Oz on Honda CT 110s.

... plus much more!